Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You something isn't quite right when you're sleeping through the day to avoid the heat and being awake between 6pm and 6am because that's the only time you can cope with the tempreture. Sadly, that was the status of this House at the End of the World in January/February 2009. Not that we minded, but let me tell you that that sleep pattern, over a long period of time, can put a definite cramp in your life; I'm pretty sure it's not healthy either. >.>

This year, after a false start, spring seems to have finally arrived, bringing with it all the floral glories of Floriade - the annual flower festival that draws people from all over the country - and the lovely fluff that newcomers sometimes mistake for snow (and that makes asthmatics paranoid to go outside, and honestly, don't blame them, the darned stuff gets everywhere).

This year we've had a good amount of rain too, it's going to be interesting to see how much green is still around before the thunderous sun of Summer hits us. I'm generally optimistic, but the Canberra sun does this thing where it burns away optimism as easily as it frizzles pretty green colours and sits smug in the sky for many hours.

Last year, I wasn't here for most of Summer, having spent Christmas away from D & L with my family in Europe.

We had snow there...I miss snow. >.>

Clear Skies~V

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