Sunday, November 8, 2009

Been a while... hello Blog! Did you miss us?

So, HI. We didn't die if that's what some of you were wondering. We didn't go to the Moon either, though L was very insistent that we try to build a space shuttle and make an attempt. Somehow, however, we overshot our trajectory - cos I suck at Maths - and we ended up on Saturn instead. Now Saturn, don't get me wrong, it's a lovely planet, if you like gas, and rings, it sure has a lot of those. Not so much with the actual substance thing, so we spent a week or so floating around in nothing but whatever Saturn is made up of. Anyways, DULL.

So we went to Vegas instead. Lost lots of money and -

Yeah okay, no one's buying that are they?

Soooo, no. Things have been heating up in Canberra - get your minds out of the gutter - I meant that it's getting closer to summer, so the temperatures are climbing up and up and up, aiming at incinerating us with the blasting heat of the sunshine and the searing temperatures of the so-called breeze. You know how everywhere else, a breeze is a delightfully cool thing that is meant to giggle or chortle or do whatever it is that breezes are described to do - often making them very similar to brooks and streams - in Australian summer breezes are like oven-fan-powered gusts of heat that kick up dust and dry you out faster than you can start coughing.

And joy of joys we're heading that way. Gods I wish we'd stayed on Saturn. >.> Space and its subzero temperatures is looking preeeetty appealing right about now. *sighs* If only! Woe woe woe! Alack the day that summer ever - yeah okay, anyone else noticed that I'm a little um...crazier than usual? Oh look birds! No, wait that's a car. It's night time, V, the birds are all ASLEEP.

Yes. I'm insane. And?

Clear Skies~V

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  1. yea....ummmmm..... I soooo love you but you might wanna get some sleep...lolz.... and lucky you.. I love summer time but now we are moving into winter.. this is just not fair.