Friday, November 13, 2009

How to drink coffee in the heat...

It's easy really, you make it, you stuff a glass full of vanilla ice cream, you pour coffee in. It gets frothy, you drink it...nom nom nom nom nom nom...

Okay so I might be a little bit high on caffeine and sugar now, and company. I'm sure you'll all forgive me, I'm attempting - stress on attempting - to write an essay here. That's not going as well as it should, I think I've lost my capacity to write essays, or it might just be this week. It's for the Talking Teacher (TT), and I hope he'll forgive me for it being late. I'm of a mind to finish all his assignments today, and with the help of my new caffeine and ice cream I'll be able to do that. (WoOt! Breeze!) The essay deals with the impact of information communication technology (mouthful? Just say ICT) on library systems. Now, lemme explain, I love essays, I like writing them, I even enjoy reading them, I prefer writing essays to writing reports - I don't do well with subheadings, see? - but for some reason the topic has jaded me, I think we've fallen out of love, if we were even in love - *sigh* it's so hard to tell these days! I mean, the topic hasn't even called back yet, and it's been like two weeks! What's up with that?

Luckily for me, and I mean luckily, Awesome Teacher 1 & 2 are being forgiving and are letting me get away with murder. My personal aim is to get things done by the end of next week. With a little help from caffeine and a shut door, good music, I will succeed!

Anyways, before I bore you all to death with school talk I've made a list of 'Highs'...because I can...and because it'll make me think clearly enough to actually write these essays.

  • Caffeine High --> leads to V's hypernessity level 1, and (if reached without the appropriate consumption of water) massive migraineness (*goes to get another bottle of water*)
  • Sugar High --> leads to V's hypernessity level 3, and in my very personal opinion the worse kind of hangover (worse than an alcohol one!!!), especially when reached in combination with the other two Highs.
  • Company High --> leads to various levels of V's hypernessity, ranging between 2-10. Nothing like a Company High, also known as a giggle fest. I love Company Highs, they're the kind of highs you get when you're spending time with someone(s) you get along with so well you can't help but seriously enjoy yourself well into the AM. The only kind of residue this leaves is a sleepy day the following day.
...I'm not going to touch the Drug High, on accounts that I don't endorse it, never have, and don't need it to have a great time or get my work done. ^^

Back to the grindstone, will probably write again later...^^

Clear Skies~V

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