Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dating: you're doing it wrong

We've made a habit, whenever we're in Sydney, to eat at Fujiya (not so sure about the spelling because I never really pay attention to the name cos I'm always paying attention to the food), a Japanese restaurant. I love Japanese cuisine (ever strike you as odd that we call all food types 'cuisine', as though the French have the final say in cooking), even though I'm not really a fan of sushi (don't all scream at once). Anyways, so we ended up at this restaurant, as always, and we're sitting in the booth we always sit in - after having tried out a seat by the window for all of five minutes before the two seated in front of the window decided that it was too cold.

There are two people sitting in the booth across the aisle, presumably a couple. They were there when we got there, and they left only a couple of minutes before us. At first glance they're just a couple, and he's talking about something that is obviously important - or at least interesting enough to him to warrant him talking about for several minutes. The trouble is, Romeo doesn't shut up. In fact, he keeps talking (in Chinese, and let's make it public: my Chinese is non-existent) and drifts - I'm supposing - into the topic of World of Warcraft, which I am told is a bad move in any dating situation. Makes me think, but then, I don't mind talk about games at any time.

Issue number 2 comes from the fact that every ten minutes Romeo's phone rings - loudly - and, believe it or not, the guy actually answers it each time (which makes me wonder if they're not actually business partners, though the dynamic feels off for that). Every time when he's on the phone, she's texting someone under the table so he can't see (wonder what she's saying: 'I'm so damn booored!'). D caught her in the act, and she flashed a smile in his direction. Making it more and more amusing.

I guess I kind of felt sorry for her, because she really didn't look like she was enjoying herself, simply sitting there, pretty in her silver and black outfit, looking like a porcelain doll.

Still, maybe the situation wasn't anything like what I was reading into it. People are randomly interesting sometimes.

Clear Skies~V

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