Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saturated with soup

So. Way back in the first semester V & I started attending (ahem... mostly attending. Well, attending sometimes) librarian school, there was a class we couldn't take, 'cause it ran til something ridiculous like 9pm, and the buses home (we live at the END of the WORLD) were a more or less impossible. At the time, nobody bothered to tell us that this class was mostly run via WebCT, and the liklihood of us not actually having to attend was... well, it was pretty much a given. So we dropped that class, except to actually graduate with our diplomas, we do have to complete this course (Search Databases).

Apart from the course with Idiotic Teacher (a wonderful man who's pretty much the opposite of ALT1 & 2) which had assignments requiring us to provide page after page of screen caps to prove we could do basic reference work (find a newspaper article, for example), this course has the most ridiculously easy assignments, bar none. 'Perform a search on whatever database. Document search strategy. If strategy was unsuccessful, explain why.' Ye gods, I think I might EAT someone.

I made pumpkin soup, and I really should stop eating it... but it's very, very tasty. Also, I was cold (actually, that part's quite unusual). Soup was good.

Notable names from gaming today: King Herod (a healer), Arsenik Pi, Ton Tour Viendra (Your turn will come) and Ward Against Idiocy.

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