Sunday, September 20, 2009

When television exceeds its interest limit...

The thing about being sick is that after a while you run out of things that are interesting, you go through five books that you've read before but because you haven't had anything to do you just reread the ones you finished last week. Stage two is rewatching every other movie you own, moving into all those tv series you have the DVD sets of. But after week one, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural and Angel and even Firefly (not to mention Witchblade) start to sort of run together with Pirates of the Carribean and Lord of the Rings. And there's never anything on tv anyway, especially not day television, except for those reruns of CSI that you've already seen like seven times. By the end of the second week, thankfully, you're feeling a little better, so you try your hand at playing a few games you haven't played in a while, only to discover that Heavenly Sword and even Dynasty Warriors takes too much attention and coordination and wears you out too much, so you give in and watch that season of Buffy that you haven't watched yet because it's older than the rest of it and doesn't have enough Spike in it. A day or so later you're so sick of being sick that you decide it's been enough and you try getting dressed and walking around a bit; lucky for you it works, so you sit up and poke at some of the homework that was due the week before. conclusion I can only advise that you do not, under any circumstances, try to build Dewey numbers when you're ill.

It's good to be alive again.

Clear Skies~V

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