Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, right. Hello, blog...

So, V's birthday went by and wasn't blogged. I guess we're made of fail. The cake was made of awesome, though. And bananas.

Thoughts for today: girls still young enough to be referred to as 'little' are too young to be perved on. I'm talking to you, bowling-shirt bus guy.

Also, Roman Polanski was arrested. And somehow most of the media has forgotten that he only fled the US after pleading guilty... go figure.

On the more cheerful side, James Blunt's All the lost souls album has a song which starts: 'I won't laugh at you / when you boo hoo hoo', which has made me laugh more than just about anything else this week (I know, it's only Wednesday. But a day spent staring at dewey numbers and an antique card catalogue is a very long one. I don't wanna be a librarian no more.)


  1. There's a video on YouTube that started out as an observation about Roman Polanski that ended in more of a rant. It's rather fitting, really.

    Ah-ha! Found it!

    Rather good, but also rather...comedic to hear "Let's be clear" over and over....

  2. I think This is my favourite article dealing with the situation. I'm still amazed that so many people can write it off as 'not -rape- rape,' defend him because of his age, or claim that it's an abuse of his civil liberties. Dude committed a crime, and then ANOTHER crime by evading sentencing...