Monday, August 17, 2009

Average dinner table discussions &...zombies? o.O

Argh! I'm running behind! Not that this is a race, or a competition, because I think, given the current record, I'd lose.

Coincidentally, says that it's 'roofs', at least in the American spelling.

So we're having dinner, at quarter to 1 in the morning, because that's just the way we roll. We run better at night, at least I do, I don't know about L. It might have something to do with the fact that I only woke up at 7pm yesterday, and that was probably due to the fact that I woke up at 3pm the day before. What can I say? I function better at night.

Highlight of today's dinner included the third member of our company breaking out in hysterics right before he was going to say something, the line that apparently wasn't going to be said because it would have sounded terribly wrong involved some sort of spin on choices in Left for Dead. I've yet to play it, so I've yet to rationalise the occasional bouts of 'That's not fair! Get BACK HERE!' from the third room. I suppose for those of you who don't game at all, all of that will sound ridiculously geeky.

As a household we play Guild Wars; I say 'as a household' because occasionally we structure our sleeping patterns to match whatever special event we'd like to take part in. As a result our dinner table discussions range from 'Gee, I wish I could get back into the drive to farm for ectos' to 'So, when are we going to do Urgoz Warren again? Next Thursday?'. If a total stranger were to walk into the house - or if someone was listening in - they would either have to become so totally thrilled that there would happiness all round, or they'd be so completely perplexed that they'd wander off wondering if they were still on the same planet. I'd sympathise, but it's far too much fun.

The thing with gaming is that you either like it and know about it and respect it's oddities, or you avoid it because it's alienating. Fair enough. I could probably write an essay about how many different layers there are in the topic of 'gaming', but since I'm trying to avoid writing essays I'll avoid doing that.

An average conversation might run something like:
"Yeah, I'm broke, I'm down to like 2plat."
"Heh, I've got like 45 but I'm planning on getting the elite Kurzick armor for my monk so I'm technically broke, cos I need like - "
"- well, you'll need like 75plat."
"I don't know what armor to get my warrior."
"It's hard to choose those, the only choices you've got are stupid or ridiculous."
"Why can't elite templar look like the regular templar? It's prettier!"

Oh yes, I love our geeky gamey discussions. It'll be interesting what we'll talk about when my parents visit this week. o.O

Clear Skies~V

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