Monday, August 17, 2009

My valium hasn't kicked in.

Now, L & I are currently in our last semester of a Diploma in Library and Information Systems. Much funness to be had in this semester (for a change!), especially since now we get to build Dewey numbers. Okay a new level of geek, I know, but it's fun!

We have an awesome teacher for the building of DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) who shall herafter be referred to as 'Awesome Library Teacher 1' (or ALT1) - and yes, there is actually an ALT2, in case you were wondering. The conversation that validated her - ALT1 - awesomeness ran like this:

Student: ALT1, can we just use the index to build the number for question
ALT1: I can't answer that. My valium hasn't kicked in yet.

Also, if you were looking for a book about the effects of leaf beetles on maple forests, would you look animal pests or insect pests?

Clear Skies~V

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