Monday, August 17, 2009

Meat in bags just looks funny...

Ever noticed how when you're parcelling out meat and sticking it into bags to put in the freezer it looks funny? Seriously, next time you - or whoever performs this onerous duty in your household (unless of course no one does) - take a look at it: meat in bags just looks funny! It's also interesting to see what kind of puns you can swing off of the phrase of course. >.> ...but we won't go there, because we're very well-balanced individuals who never make puns of any variety. Except when we're on mic, with the Guild...and possibly when we're talking aloud.

Well...okay, so maybe I was stretching the truth a little. Puns happen. A lot. We tend to write them down, when they're bad enough to record, provided we remember to write them down, which most often we don't. It's a failing. You get used to it.

The message, however, irregardless of all the chattering you've just managed to wade through is that meat in bags looks funny.

Take it how you like it. Unless you're vegitarian of course, in which case you'd probably be pretty disgusted with me right now (granted, raw meat can be pretty gross. -.-').

Clear Skies~V

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