Saturday, August 29, 2009

Because we're all healthy people here...

Can I have one of these for my brain?

I love that it wasn't enough to deliver the warning, 'uneven' had to be emphasised by suitably wibbly lines. This is another photo from our visit to the old bus depot markets. I'm still trying to decide what my favourite thing was - the socks made from possum wool, the guy who made really awesome chairs (when I finally manage to become fabulously wealthy, he's making all my furniture), or the horrible shaggy hats that gave you cat ears & eyes in your forehead. I'd put up the pictures of those, except they're kindof incriminating.

Sometimes I think of those round-the-neck labels you see on photos of children being evacuated from London in WWII, the ones like directions for parcel delivery, which always makes me think of those chest harness / leash setups some people have for toddlers. I have no idea why the 'uneven' sign made me think of these, but now that I'm on this (ha! uneven) train of thought, an anecdote for the day: my first school bus driver used to bring his little boy on the morning trip, all gussied up in said harness/leash combo. He'd clip the leash to the door of the driver's booth, and the kid spent the entire ride to school tearing up & down the bus. Think of the OH&S headache...

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