Friday, August 14, 2009

Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

Things I saw during my (brief) sojourn outside the house today:

A lot of very blue roofs (rooves? that just can't be right, but I feel like a three year old with a lisp saying 'roofs') in the suburb next to ours; bright yellow tights; a surprising number of people wearing several discordant shades of green all at once. An impressively scruffy guy stowing his dog-end behind his ear, a la Dave Lister (which made me look for hologram stamps on people's foreheads. *Note to self* people outside the house are real...), and a Zoe Wanamaker lookalike in a very shiny blue coat.

It disturbs me that I wrote these down on the back of a receipt (Oxfam shop, earrings, $22) both because I left the house with no paper, and because I wrote them down. The nosy guy on the bus ride home seemed to think that something as crazy as writing things down gave him carte blanche to inform me that I needed to be Saved, but the no paper thing worries me more.

Oh, and yesterday there was a bright green glittery hat with the tinned tomatoes in the supermarket.

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