Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A sign from the stars? o.O

You've got big plans today -- and you should be able to make them come to life, more or less. Your hopes need some discussion before you can really get going on them, so find someone sympathetic

I opened my inbox prior to sleeps and my horoscope tells me what you just read. So I get to thinking: what are these big plans today? Do I have big plans today? No? But I have to have big plans today, my horoscope says so! Okay, let's see, what do I need to get done today? What day is it? Still Tuesday? So does that mean that I had big plans today? Or no, wait, these horoscopes come from America, i.e. I'm a day ahead. Wait, does that mean that they're telling me about today or about my tomorrow or do they work in like time zones and are talking about my night? If so, how's that any good to me? I'm actually planning on sleeping tonight, what with class tomorrow. But if they're talking about what I did today, doesn't that mean that I need to reflect on what I did today and work out if it matches what they -

I give up.

Clear Skies~V

ps. Also. "Find someone sympathetic". I love clear instructions, thank you stars for spelling it out to me in "go do this" styled language, now I really can't get lost.

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