Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doom, hell. [see: blame]

So. That was L. She's the resident cynic and cook. I'm V, in case it escaped notice, I'm the resident insane person who occasionally remembers to remember to create some sort of pattern to do the laundry. One day it may just happen, for now we will sit and wait, probably not so much with eager patience. I'd say that we both have a good dose of 'extra silly', but I don't think I can actually explain what I mean so I guess you'll just have to stick around and find out just how silly we can be.

Before this goes anywhere...I want it clearly stated that I wanted to have something to do with the word 'perdition', not necessarily the state, but most certainly the word. I like words, well, I like most words, but I certainly love the word 'perdition'. It kinda just rolls off your tongue all accidental-like.

Anyways...*guides self away from current obssession with peridition* Within these (soon to be) episodes of extremities (of all manners), you will probably be finding plenty of puns, plenty of rants, plenty of bits 'n pieces that occur to us during the day, or the week, or the hour. You'll probably find some pictures of some really random things, it's okay, if they're pictures they're real and no matter how crazy things look, we're in the boat with you. ^^

...on second thought that might not reassure some of you.

Welcome aboard?

Clear Skies~V

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